I Am Two People

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 73691

A second Scott Childers enters the room, identically dressed to the original one, right down to wearing just one talking sock. The main difference here is, the second Scott's sock only speaks Italian.

Questo è corretto. Parlo solo italiano.

Only a short time passes before the two Scotts meet. And it's an even shorter time before the two talking socks begin to argue with one another. All through the argument, the two Scotts can only exchange embarrassed looks.

Soll Scott nicht Chinesisch sein?

Può essere chiunque l'autore lo voglia. Solo qualche idiota di nome Bob dice che è davvero orientale!

Zumindest Ihr Scott nicht verlassen Sie auf, wenn er Sex mit seiner Freundin.

Grande affare. Il mio Scott fa la sua ragazza tenere le scarpe da tennis durante il sesso. È incredibilmente strano...

"HOLD ON A SECOND!" cries the original Scott. "You really do that?!"
"Yeah..." the second Scott sheepishly admits. "It's a bit of a turn on for me. She's getting used to it, though."

  1. Before anything else can happen, several of the Josh Burbanks get up to confront the two Scotts.
  2. The argument between the socks goes on.
  3. Scott suddenly wonders how he can perfectly understand German and Italian, which is something he's never been able to do before now.
  4. Let's try our luck by choosing a different colored door...

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