Behind The Purple Door

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 71973

Behind the purple door was a long, wide room of Josh Burbanks, all sleeping on army cots. Some were healthy and muscluar, some were fat and ill, some skinny and naked (and blanketless) and the rest were all sorts of combinations, though thankfully none of them female.

  1. Flee the room.
  2. Walk down the central aisle.
  3. Kill them all in their sleep.
  4. Sit on a Josh and fart.
  5. Scott finds an empty cot and goes to sleep.
  6. Scott sets several Joshes on fire.
  7. Another Scott enters the room.
  8. Scott finds a furry Josh. In frustration at unoriginal ideas, Scott commits grisly suicide with a silenced AK-47.
  9. Scott stands on his head.
  10. Slowly the place begins to fill up with Sprite.

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2/11/2008 10:16:41 AM

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