Admiral Jellico

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7312


Jellico looks like he's been sucking a lemon at the end of the Captains of the Voyagers. The whole of it sounded much like a pipe dream....something that Captain Mackenzie Calhoun would give!

However, unlike Calhoun, the admiral had total truest in the woman who called herself Janeway. Jellico mourned the loss of the woman's father, Admiral Janeway. In fact, Jellico had been a close friend of the family.

Keeping a neutral position.....keeping away from favoritism had been extremely difficult for the admiral. He'd made a concerted effort in staying out of affairs that concerned Captain Janeway. However, where he had to, he'd done everything by the book.....above reproach. Well......actually he'd bent the rules in favor of Janeway here and there upon her first return from the Delta Quadrant....but he had done it in subtle......deniable ways.

Frankly, he'd had to knock a few heads together to get the rest of the Admiralty to see reason about Janeway's rather....unusual Command chain on the Voyager....and her choice of officers (former Marquis). He'd rammed their acceptance and pardon through the JAGs (under the pretense of not wanting to waste his time on trivial matters!) There was the War with the Dominion still, even if the Federation was now winning!

Jellico sighed, still playing his role of being a hard-nosed, SOB.

With others it was no act. Janeway was different. And since the other....analogs shared the same history as it were....whether they had a fox tail or not.....made little difference to Jellico. The Janeways were special....and Jellico would not strike them down for the events that had happened. Many of the events beyond their control.

He had much more respect....good feeling for the woman before him than he did for Calhoun! The man who'd struck him after he'd tried to make the SOB, Calhoun, see reason and see that all that had happened on the Grissom had been stressful. Calhoun had quiet Star Fleet (only to be drawn back in much against Jellico's wishes), and had dared to knock him down by way of fist!

"I see no reason why not to extend the same pardons and grants we did for your sister ship," Jellico sighed, playing his part. "While we upgrade the weapons and other support equipment will take a month or so.....the upgrades done by the.....Military.....are of......rather good quality and....compatible with our technology. With all they did, along with the request by you to keep the modifications done by them, it should be simple enough.....and not as long to upgrade as Voyager 1."

No mention of how this tech had been....reverse engineered by a Ferengi spaceship from one universe had somehow hopped and crashed in another universe's Earth.......

  1. Jellico, about to drop his act after telling the Janeways of their next mission and suggest that the Janeways and the Voyager crew take some R and R....feels the room slide sideways......

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