One Fell Swoop!

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7311

So again, a Military official stands upon the decks of the Voyager. This time, however, it's the deck of Scott Chen's Voyager.

The other Voyager is still trying to make themselves understand that the people who they had thought were hard as nails and unforgiving.....was about to do a most merciful thing and lead them home! Home, safe and sound after years away!

Needless to say several people are confused as hell, trying to figure out what to think about the Military...about what they had thought they were...but rumors leaking out at to the reality.....

The other Voyager is coming to grips that the Military is by needs hard....but not heartless.

A raccoon morph called Solomon is finally listening....and getting a sick feeling in his stomach as the reality of what he almost did. His human counterpart, the lone survivor of a Voyager who'd been attacked by fugitive Enemy ships, looks sadly at his "brother" and leaves the furry Solomon to reflect upon it all. Time the raccoon morph has, considering there isn't much else for him to do within the holding cell he's in....

And up in the Voyager's Ready Room....

"Let me introduce our guest," Captain Sterndeck, out and about on this official business. "The character played by the actor who wasMy Favorite Martian....the man who'd later known as Boothby the gardener back at Star Fleet....if he really wasn't just one of Species that nearly punched the Borg's ticket."

Everyone stares at the suddenly uncomfortable looking Boothby.

"Get it over and be done with it," the Boothby impersonator mutters. "Let's get it over with!"

"In good time, Boothy," Sterndeck snaps, annoyed. "And we already shot you and your buddies up with the counter agent to the chemicals you'd used to will yourselves to sit tight!"

Boothby mutters something and slouched in his chair, visibly angry.

"Now, as for you," Sterndeck says, turning to a stunned looking alien. "your species had been praying for a race like those of Boothby's like....but after reviewing those logs we showed you really think that having them running around with their....preconceptions on who should live and die here is such a good thing? Hmm?"

The alien, who's species had been about to be invaded and assimilated after their last lines of defense were crushed by the Borg....shakes his head violently.

"No!" the alien nearly shouts, horrified. "We may have gotten a reprieve by them destroying the Borg.....but after seeing them say 'The weak shall perish....' it would be like letting the species you call wolves in to take care of another species called the foxes!"

"Yep," Sterndeck agrees, spearing Boothby with a steely glare that silences any protest by him. "And I take it when the Scott virus struck and killed every last Borg drone in your neck of the don't hold the Voyager responsible for what they did.....Helping the Borg turn the tide against their attackers?"

"No....not any more," the alien admitted, still rattled by all this.

At least you won't try to trick them with that funky super ship into taking it home...only to be assimilated by the Borg, Sterndeck thinks to himself, chuckling. The Borg were gone (thank God!)....and the Military had been able to pick up this joker and convince him to not hold the same....grudge that his TV counterpart had in that one Star Trek: Voyager. So, this guy wouldn't try to off the Voyager in other ways for what almost happened to his race. What Sterndeck had shown him had done the job most satisfactorily!

The alien smiles finally as he leaves, and Sterndeck then asks Scott's Furry Janeway if he could continue.

" guest," she says, flabbergasted by all this. She had gotten used to the insights Chen had on her and the Federation....though his watching the television version of the Voyager. Sterndeck seemed to have seen what Scott and James Chen had....and other episodes that had come out after Scott had....come aboard.

"As for the guys who were making some Omega...." Sterndeck begins just as James furry Janeway was taking a swig of coffee. He smiled as the vixen yelps as she chokes on the coffee in surprise (just as Sterndeck had hoped).

"I'll leave it to the Captains to explain what that stuff can do....if they feel they want to," Sterndeck says softly to the alarmed Captains. "Don't ask me. I'm not telling!"

The Bridge crew of both Voyagers looked at the Captains of the Voyager....and saw a look upon the furry and human faces that said to not even THINK about asking.

Omega was a unstable substance that could be a source of abundant energy. However, nobody had been able to stabilize it to use it. Even worse, when it exploded, it caused subspace to rupture in such a way that made warp travel in a VAST area impossible.

It wouldn't stop, say, a dimensional hopping ship from warping to another universe....traversing space in an Omega free zone...and popping in that same Omega blighted universe.

That was Sterndeck's and the Military's little secret.

As for Omega, all Star Fleet Captains knew of it, and were sworn to secrecy of it's existence. They were also sworn to seek out and destroy any traces of this vile stuff (and suppress all knowledge of it).....else there was the danger of space faring life as they know it becoming IMPOSSIBLE.

The Sevens of Nines look like they know what it is, but Sterndeck walks over to them.

He leans his grey buzz cut head towards them over, hazel eyes menacing.

"Don't even think about bring it up," he says softly. "Ask your Captain before you say it. And don't say anything about it being perfection as the Borg define it. Using it's resonance frequency for containment and transport it had been a stone b**ch in and of itself...."

Four pair of blue eyes blink, befuddled by what the Military man just said. Silently, they feel it would be....futile to ask Sterndeck anything about it. However, they feel a sense the lost opportunity to gaze upon what they and the Borg had considered to be the embodiment of perfection.

"Instead we gave them a few pointers on a few safer energy sources...and they weren't quiet as sore at us as they had been when we neutralized that crap," Sterndeck says in a jolly voice.

"Now," Sterndeck smiles. "We were able to use the same techniques to infiltrate and round up each and every last doppleganger from that false Star Fleet Academy the Species was going to use as training for a big invasion of the Federation. I hope and pray that the Voyager is able to accomplish the same feat as their TV counterparts did with their Boothby impersonator."


Sterndeck smiles as Boothby and Janeway shake on the understanding were able to come upon.

"Smiles and kisses...and they all rode off into the sunset," mutters Sterndeck as the last of what he can only term as loose ends go off to do whatever needs to be done.

One of the Human Janeways turns to ask him something.

"Why?" she asks, at a loss for all that had happened today.

"Because, ma'am, that's what we do....among other things," Sterndeck smiles. "I may get angry at what either you or your twins did....but after reviewing the facts.....I can only see it....was an unfortunate affair. Not to say I like the people who ....interrupted me to preach to me about the supposed evils of what the Military was about to do to the Enemy.... No....."

Sterndeck's smile grows chill.

"We'll never be friends for what was said that day....but I'll be hung for not doing the right and honorable thing," the Military man said, holding his steely gaze with the Janeway....daring her to argue the point.

She didn't. Her feelings were two fold. She felt grateful that issues that would have come to a head without the Military's help had been stopped. She also felt a bit....steamrollered by the abrupt and nonsense style that this Military had!

Ye gods....all this in one fell swoop, James' Human Janeway thinks to herself....disgruntled as Sterndeck leaves.

Later, an admiral at Star Fleet HQ on Earth nearly chokes on his coffee upon hearing the news of the Voyager appearing over Earth....with a twin ship....

  1. Sterndeck and his small fleet leave, zapping out of the Federation's universe....but not without a promise to wing on by for negotiations with the Federation in the future....after a Civil War was over.

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