Might as Well Jump

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 71962

"Barry Manilow's music can't be all bad," Scott told himself. "I'm just new to it. I'll bet this would be fun if I were completely brain-dead." He didn't believe a word of it, of course. In his mind he was desperately searching for a way to get out of here. Anything, even death, would be better than listening to "I Write the Songs" one more time.

Finally, as Barry segued into "I Write the Songs" for the millionth* time (for he had been here for as long as Scott remembered, for whatever reason), Scott had had enough. He screamed, charged for the staircase, and dove off the precarious railing.

(*)It actually was the millionth time.

  1. Scott finds himself hanging from the staircase by the sneaker, of course.
  2. Scott falls to the very bottom floor (after a few years) and dies. The universe is destroyed again.
  3. Scott falls to the very bottom floor but does not die, as to prevent another catastrophe the universe has made him immortal.
  4. Scott falls up.
  5. Meanwhile, the Queer Eye guys get sucked into a dimensional portal between the cushions of one of the couches.
  6. Meanwhile, Jerry Sienfield attacks Barry Manilow.

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