Endless Perspectives Revisted (Again)

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 71926

Loneliness can’t be all bad...
Scott was pacing the expansive yet strangely suffocating room, lecturing himself aloud as his mania steadily progressed. None of it made sense; the plaid couches, the food supplies, the strangely inaccessible staircase plunging through the floor and ceiling, Barry Manilow’s mainstream appeal.

“This one’s for you, Scotty boy,” Barry declared from his perch at the Staircase Room grand piano, over in an especially shadowy corner of that dark den of insanity. He then broke into a delightful rendition of Copacabana, his fingers playing gently across the ivory keys like an April breeze. This, of course, shattered any measure of continuity with the previous episode's option leading to this one. But in a place like this, the notion of continuity was a bit passe.

Scott snapped his fingers. “Wait a minute!” he called out to no one in particular. “Shouldn’t those couches be teal!” He’s a sharp one, that Scott.

Suddenly, the ‘Fab’ 5 from Queer Eye made their big Staircase Room debut. “Uhhh, yuck?” voiced one of the ‘men’ from the motley assemblage of queens. “Teal is SOOO 1995. It’s time to spice it up! Get with the program, baby! It’s 2007!”

Scott sighed, shook his head and...

  1. Came up with his own show, Black Eye for the Queer Guy.
  2. Pointed out that Queer Eye for the Straight Guy was cancelled.
  3. Looked down the staircase, pondering how to get out.
  4. Looked up the staircase, pondering how he'd got there.
  5. Vegged out on the plaid couches, ate food supplies, and watched some dumb cartoon on the tele.

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12/9/2007 7:29:50 AM

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