The Never Ending Quest - Episode 71932

You lay sprawled on the floor, dead as a poisoned tack. Standing nearby was the socially inept teenage furry fan girl. Her name was Kim.

"Crikey!" she exclaims.

And then a large sword fell down from the sky and cut her in half, straight down the middle. The large sword was almost immediately followed by a beautiful swordwoman in chainmail. "OOOF!" she gasped as she hit the ground. Getting up on her feet, she rubbed her sore behind and looked up. And then took two steps to the left.

"OOOF!" a man gasped as he hit the ground in the exact same spot that the swordwoman had just been standing in.

The man stood up, rubbed his sore behind, and took a look around him.

"Where are we, Astra?" he asked.

Astra shrugged. "I have no idea whatsoever, Fred."

"Then that means..." Fred mused.

"That we could be anywhere," Astra replied.

  1. They are HERE
  2. Actually, they're somewhere else

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12/17/2007 1:45:00 PM

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