Time Is Getting Short For Astra

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7133

Astra found herself back on the rocky outcrop overlooking the valley. Apparently the wolf in her had thought that it was a good sleeping place and had gone back there. She had no recollection of the night at all, but the lingering taste of blood in her mouth and several dark splashes on her body told her that she had killed at least once.

Her ankle was fine, and she wondered if any injury she might incur during the day, however serious, would heal itself when she transformed. That made her recall the legend that werewolves could only be killed by a weapon made of silver.

There was no sign of any wisp of smoke this morning, but if whoever had been responsible for yeaterday's fire had been headed this way then most of her safety margin would have vanished. Even more so, since this time the wolf had selected a sleeping position such that a rock would shelter it from the rays of the morning sun. Thus she had awakened much later today, and the sun was already high in the sky.

A quick dip in the pool, and then I must be on my way, she thought. And I'll make sure this time that I don't walk where there could be any hidden hazards. So as yesterday she drank and bathed, and then went down to the valley floor.

  1. She headed in the same direction as yesterday.
  2. She stiffened in alarm as she heard a voice from somewhere up on the ridge call: "Astra!"
  3. She stiffened in alarm as she heard a voice from somewhere up on the ridge call: "What the hell is a naked woman doing out here in the middle of nowhere?"

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