To Trip is Just to Fall...

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7132

Astra slowly made her way down the edge of the valley, intent on making it to the mouth. The going was slower than she would have been able to manage normally, but then again, she didn't exacly have much experience frolicking nude in the forest.

She had made it to the valley floor now, and strode confidently over a grassy thicket ringed by trees. The sun was glorious, but she didn't have time to enjoy it. She had to cover that distance before the sun set.

Astra had just reached the edge of the thicket and was ready to continue into the forest again when suddenly, her right foot failed under her. Before she could react, she found herself tumbled to the ground, a stabbing pain in her right ankle.

Looking down, she saw the source, an abandoned animal burrow, hidden by an overgrown patch of tall grass. Gingerly she withdrew her foot and examined the ankle.

It was sprained, and badly at that. She knew from her field dressing experience she learned when she was taught the arts of battle that she wouldn't be able to walk on it.

Astra cursed to herself for a good ten minutes. If she had her boots she knew, this wouldn't have happened. Her boots however, were just a shredded heap of leather where she had lay the night before.

She wasn't sure if she was laughing or crying when she looked up and saw where she was. Just a scant hundred yards away was the ridge that marked the entrance to the Fens of Canmoor, the very thing she had hoped to distance herself from. Here would be the place that she would have to be when the moon dipped above the horizon.

She chuckled, almost a delerious sound. To think, she had almost wanted to enjoy the beautiful day. Now, it seemed, she had gotten her wish...

As dark fell, Astra wondered if her injury might just hobble her enough that she would not be able to wander this night. Slowly, she saw the moon rise, and knew she would get her answer very, very soon.

Moonlight flooded over her form, bathing her bare skin. Her gut wrenched within her, and she was in spectacular pain suddenly.

The change was upon her again, and it was much more powerful than the last time.

Astra watched in horror as her injured ankle made a sickening crackling noise as it healed rapidly, good as new in mere moments. She saw the hairs sprouting across her arms, her legs, her cheeks. She felt the pounding in her veins, so much more insistant than the last time. Her tongue licked growing fangs as her fingers stretched and gnarled, sporting dark claws. She saw the thickening fur which blossomed across her frame, streaming, luxurious, sleek and shining in the moonlight.

Her memories of the previous night returned, clarity burning through her forgetfulness. She remembered blood and passion, and the thrill of running with the night.Though she struggled, she could barely fight the growing pleasure that the change stirred in her. Whereas the previous night, she had regarded it with some amount of fear, tonight, increasingly, it was a rush.

Temptation proved too much, and tonight, woman and wolf thought as one, and went to revel in their freedom...

  1. Astra awakens the next day much like the last, and ponders her next course of action.
  2. Astra awakens the next day near a dead human body...

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