Day of the Cat

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 70397

This was not his day.

If the day had in any conceivable way belonged to him, he would have sent it back for a refund. You would think any day involving a princess would be like a dream come true for a humble mouser, but when said day involved said princess stepping on you, taking a bad fall and knocking herself out for the narrator knows how long -

"You can have it!"

Whiskers looked pensively up and wiggled his namesakes. Had he just... spoken?

"Yes I did," he said. Guess that took care of that.

Looking back om his simple-minded life to date, Whiskers realized that he had somehow just had sapience bestowed upon his modest form. Must have been a backlash of Exotica's spell as she lost her concentration and fell, or something.

As soon as he started figuring things out, he had a most eerie sensation of nonexistence creeping up on him. Of course! He somehow realized that he was in a new story, a story that had just lost its protagonist due to the princess' accident. If something did not happen to someone soon, the story would come to a premature end and his new life would be over before it had really begun.

Looking around the room, Whiskers realized that the defense spell Exotica had cast was in full effect. Nobody could enter the room, and it looked like the princess would be out for a while. There was only one person (applying the term liberally) who could make things happen and the story continue.

  1. Whiskers thought 'to heck with it', left the room and reset the world.
  2. Whiskers took Exotica's place as a protagonist.
  3. Whiskers tried putting on some of the princess' clothes and impersonating her.
  4. Whiskers found pen and paper and tried writing the next chapter.

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10/19/2007 12:21:21 PM

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