The Never Ending Quest - Episode 70118

Exotica awoke in her bed, feelings of panic deep in Karmic Center #5. This was a risk all magic users took, no matter what their levels. Extreme senstitivity to danger, without knowing it's nature, is theorized by many magic schools as an evolutionary response to control the proliferation of magic. Evil wizards can't get the jump on good wizards when they can be detected from far off. And the good wizards keep the evil wizards under control. Of course, power corrupts, but Karmic Center #5 is a good early warning detector.
But whatever. There's something in the castle.

  1. Exotica uses several mechanical devices (tilted mirrors and minor sight-transference spells) to 'scan' the castle grounds.
  2. Exotica hears the dinstinctive roar of the castle moat monster, Josh Burbank, and rushes to the East Wing.
  3. Exotica panics, completely unprepared.
  4. Exotica summons up a powerful defensive spell, leaps out of bed, steps on her cat Whiskers, slips and knocks herself out for five hours.

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9/26/2007 8:20:58 PM

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