Inside the wardrobe...

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7026

Fred crawled off the pile of pillows that had cushioned his landing a few moments earlier and eyed the wardrobe. Something about it seemed strange to him. He felt compelled to open it. Fearfully, he tried to rationalize his actions as he approached the piece of furniture, "I'll see if they have anything more manly to wear," he told himself, although he doubted that that would be the case.

He opened the door and looked inside. It was huge! There was no back to it that he could see, and outfits to the horizon! The problem was, there were none for men, all women's.

Suddenly he felt a push from behind as he was thrown into the wardrobe, and the doors were shut behind him. The room was still lit, but he could not see the source of the light.

"Choose!" a booming voice declared to him. Looking around, he decided to go for the...

  1. Amazon warrior outfit - at least he'd still have some power.
  2. Harem girl outfit - something seemed oddly appealing about it.
  3. Ballgown - at least he'd be covered.
  4. Bikini - it does get a little hot in the caves sometimes.
  5. Bar wench clothing - he'd at least have a job.
  6. Princess outift - he might as well be rich.
  7. Silk teddie - it just looked so soft.
  8. Potato Sack - a refusal of being a sex object.
  9. Little girl outfit - a fresh start on life.
  10. Try the next rack, nothing good here....
  11. A small red dress, with a strange gold symbol on it.
  12. A small blue dress, with a strange red symbol on it.

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