Nothing Is Heard

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 67394

All is quiet. All is calm. Your computer's New Mutants screen saver flashes over to DaCosta kicking the game winning goal.

  1. Go back to bed.
  2. Fire wildly around the room just in case something was there.
  3. Talk to your socks.
  4. Giggle.
  5. Knock on your neighbor's door, he's always up, he has odd hours.
  6. Suddenly your wacky neighbor runs in. Didn't you lock the door?
  7. Paint a picture of a mural on a wall on your wall.
  8. Pretend to eat butter.
  9. Call Josh Burbank for advice.
  10. Check on Stan Lee, who had inexplicably fallen asleep on your outside deck last night.

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5/7/2007 6:53:31 AM

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