Irate Maw

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 67259

The next thing you hear is "GET YER ASS OUT OF THAT DEEP FRYER AND FIX ME MAH MEDICATIONS YOU GODDAMN @#$%$%^!ing piece of #^#!*%^(!^ing $#%!@%"

It looks like there's no escaping Maw today. You sigh and climb out of the deep fryer, finding yourself to be swaying a little bit. Maw starts beating you with the butt of a sawed-off shotgun till you slip in your own blood and grease. "GET TO WORK YA SONOVA BITCH" Maw hollers, using a pick-axe to remove the deep-fryer off the wall, you have to get up and help her. Soon the two of you get the deep fryer to the station wagon and drive off.

Existential despair starts to haunt you as you sit in the driver's seat with your skin peeling off, Maw eating the grease straight from the pilfered fryer in the back seat. And you know she aint sharing. Is this really how you pictured your life after dropping out of Harvard?

  1. Return to a pursuit of Higher Learning.
  2. Smash the station wagon through a barrier over a cliff.
  3. Cry a little bit, then hum to yourself.
  4. Have epileptic seizures in which you see a vision from God.

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5/4/2007 9:52:04 AM

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