Skin Tinglies

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 66071

Rather than face a second showdown with Maw you jump into the nearest hiding place. Which just so happens to be a fully-functioning deep fat fryer.

As you jump in, the super-heated oil starts to spit and fizz. It bubbles on contact with your flesh. The "Skin Tinglies" are extremely noticeable. Kind of like pain, you think to yourself. You start to cry, and as you usually do in such situations, start to pick at the skin on the back of your hand. Only this time, a large strip of skin about a foot long peels clean off. Still, you've always been prone to peeling off strips of your own skin and eating it; when you do it now it tastes all nice and crispy. But all that fat - is it healthy?

You start to wonder whether if you ate all of your deep-fried skin you would eventually lose or gain weight, but just as you think you've got the answer

  1. your brain is fried -literally
  2. you are fished out of the fryer by an irate mother
  3. you realise your maths was way off
  4. Aw, no - Jamie ******* Oliver!

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eric kantona

5/4/2007 5:53:42 AM

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