Lord Fred is transformed into a pooch.

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 657

On the other side of the red door in question is the dragon.

"Hello Lord Fred." says the dragon. "It is good to see you find yourself a new companion to join you on your quest to come after me."

"Why, you..." says Lord Fred, drawing his sword.

"Oh dear!" says the dragon. "You decided to suddenly slay me, didn't you? In that case, you will be transformed into a doggie."

Before Fred could strike the dragon with the sword, he is transformed into a tiny pooch, who drops his sword and starts yapping at the dragon. He bites the dragon's big toe.

"Ouch. Your teeth is indeed sharp!" says the dragon. The dragon picks up Lord Fred the tiny pooch and tosses the unfortunate pooch aside into the darkness. Fortunately Lord Fred lands in a pile of leaves.

  1. Lord Fred gets up, causing the leaves to rustle. Fortunately he wasn't hurt.

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Sir Josh

6/27/1999 9:54:28 AM

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