Overly Attached Girlfriend

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 63653

Suddenly, Lord Fred realizes who this is! Those eyes! That smile! IT'S OAG!!!! Quickly, he turned on his heels and ran. He ran, faster than he had ever run in his life! "Come back!" she screamed. "I'm the only girl you'll ever need! Don't you love me?" On and on he ran, but she was running after him! By some dark power, she was running like a slighted demon, getting closer by the second! "YOU WILL MARRY ME, AND WE WILL BE THE GREATEST COUPLE EVER!!!!!!!" Fred tripped on a rock and fell face first into the sand.

  1. The next week, they were married.
  2. Suddenly, a three-headed dragon emerged from the deep!
  3. Fred passes out.
  4. OAG kills Fred for resisting her.

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