Better than being a dragon?

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 62320

"All right, I give in... I can give you something that is better than being a dragon." "You're lying" "I know a guy who knows a guy." "Get to the POINT!" Fred draws his sword and holds the tip a fraction of an inch away from Belboz's face. Belboz slowly reaches into his pocket and pulls out a flintlock pistol over the course of 30 agonizingly slow seconds. "You don't know the power this holds. It is a deadly weapon after mere minutes of training... It may possibly even render magic obselete." He then...

  1. |300/\/\ |-|34|)$#07!!! (Translation: BOOM HEADSHOT!!!)
  2. Gives it to Fred, and marks Fred's map with the maker's location.
  3. Tells Fred to put the sword down or die instantly.
  4. Fires past Fred, killing a sneaky bandit.
  5. Misfires: the crude gun explodes like a grenade
  6. misfires: it makes a "click" sound, and Bellbooze shouts "CURSES!", surprising Frederigo.
  7. Fires at Fred, but misses.
  8. Fires past Fred, killing Sir Toby!?!
  9. Fires at the massive amount of options in order to destroy unneccasary hyperlinks.
  10. Fred the nerd ragequits SteamPunkQuest IV during the tutorial level.

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