a hooker is like a box of chocolates even if it looks soft and sweet it may have nuts...

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 6019

...with all his might sir fred and his party beat down the wall..something something is behind there...a soft music fills the air and behold inside the wall a shape...a womanly shape...a sweet voice fills the air "welcome my heros you have rescued me I am of the faire folk long have I been the dragons prisoner...as you can see I've nearly lost my form..one such as I thrives on happiness and joy of those around them...think the thought of the form I shall take..." the magick being would smile if she could with grateful tears running down her cheeks...what do you think...what form shall she take?

  1. j-lo
  2. lucy lui--she's my fave even if the spellings wrong
  3. tv prop comic Carottop
  4. tv talk show host Dr. Phil
  5. the staypuft marshmallow man
  6. none of the above after all this is a fantasy world what is the likelyhood of knowing the celebs or a dated ghostbusters reference but I will think of a hot looking girl to round out the party...now where is the token black guy?
  7. as above except picture her as a cute black girl and kill two birds with one stone

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9/25/2003 6:22:51 PM

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