The Drunken Carpenter Hallway

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 5854

The Princess led Lord Fred and Velus down the hallway that looked like it had been designed by drunken carpenters. The hallway swooped and dipped and took strange turns and sometimes even seemed to tunr upside down! Strange creatures that looked like giant millipedes walked and rolled by. Some creatures were even walking on the ceiling.

After about an hour of walking through the hallway, Fred and his allies were dizzy, confused, and hopelessly lost. Then, the hallway hit a dead end. Fred looked at the wall.

"Oh no," said Fred exasperatedly, "not more doors!" In the wall in front of Fred were another red door and another blue door, as well as an orange door, a green door, a yellow door, a white door, a black door, a rainbow-colored door, a purple door, and a clear door behind which Fred could see a forest. Fred picked a door at random, and led them through the

  1. Red door.
  2. Blue door.
  3. Orange door.
  4. Green door.
  5. Yellow door.
  6. White door.
  7. Black door.
  8. Rainbow door.
  9. Purple door.
  10. Clear door.

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