Happy Floppy Bunny Reader

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 58425

"Now look here," Bookseller Fred says in an annoyed tone. "The book is quite safe for four year olds, and I'll prove it to you!"

Without further ado, or at least very little of it, he flips the book open and starts reading in a Martha Stewart tone.

"Happy Floppy Bunny was the happiest and floppiest bunny in Happy Floppy Bunny Land..."

Before he can get any further, the woman claps her hands over her ears and starts singing as loud as she can: "LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU!"

  1. Undaunted, Fred keeps reading.
  2. Fred is daunted, but keeps reading. He turns to the appendix.
  3. The woman really can't hear him. An evil nurse stole her ears.
  4. Fred starts taunting the woman to call her bluff.
  5. The woman gets discovered by a rock group.
  6. A person in a Happy Floppy Bunny costume wanders in and accuses Fred of dissing his boss.
  7. Josh Burbank wanders by, eating prawns with a spork.
  8. What the heck, just hug the stuffing out of her already.

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7/29/2009 5:21:16 AM

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