Fred's new job

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 44325

Needing money for food, clothing and demanding boyfriends, Fred takes a job as a bookseller. It's a niche market, as books were just being mass- produced.
Fred's second day starts out with a woman who won't believe him that 'Happy Floppy Bunny Hugs Everyone' is suitable for her four year old.
"The animals might scare him!" she whines.

  1. Fred lights the book on fire. "There!" he screams. "The evil book is gone!"
  2. Read exceprts from 'Happy Floppy Bunny Hugs Everyone' here. In a Martha Stewart tone.
  3. Fred succesfully sells the woman "Blood Drenched Violence In Monkey Land."
  4. Fred quits, deeding the store to the woman.
  5. Fred hides in the bookstore's magical labyrinth.
  6. Fred hugs the woman.
  7. Lots42 has issues. Hell, he has a subscription and bound volumes.
  8. Read excerpts from 'Blood Drenched Violence In Monkey Land' here.

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