Pooping Dragon

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 583

Fred ventures for some time. He challenges a pair of door gaurds to a game of 'Hearts And Stones'. He rescues a damsel from a mud trap and finds her gateway home. (Fred would have gone if he hadn't seen her fellows on the other side). He saved the Fates themselves from an evil sorcerer and even spent an hour or two on another world conversing with a strange mannered wizard named Matthew Mantrell. Oddly enough he seemed to think Fred had come from a crate with glass! But it was easy to tell the powerful man was a force for good so he let the oddity slip by.
Soon it came time to confront the lizard. He found the creature in a tall cavern, one that could easily drawf the castle proper. It had a pond on the left and a forest of mushrooms on the right. In the middle was the lizard.
The dragon is facing away from Lord Fred. It is hunched over, straining. "God!" it says. "I shouldn't have eaten all those giraffes! They always give me constipation!"
Fred ran for the dragon's rear. It's orifice was vulnerable to stabbing!

  1. Fred stabbing the dragon (oh god, am I really writing this?) up the butt.
  2. Two hundred pounds of dragon poop landed on Fred's head.
  3. This story is stopped for pure shamefullness.

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11/26/2002 3:37:33 AM

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