The Death Of Fredina

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 315

Fred realizes his sister is working for the enemy.
Enraged, he pulls his sword out of his scabbard and swings it up. She gasps and Fred slices downward. The mighty blade cleaves her left shoulder then continues through her chest and out the right hip.
Fredina's body wavers, then the top half slides to the right. With a -smlich- it hits the floor. Then the bottom half falls backward.

Fred continues on his way.

  1. Fred realizes what he has done and slices his wrists open with his dagger.
  2. Fred undergoes plastic surgery.
  3. Fred encounters a room full of people frozen in time.
  4. Fred encounters the dragon. It is going to the bathroom.
  5. Fred encounters Fred from another storyline.

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2/17/1999 3:05:26 PM

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