Faces in the Crowd

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 52635

The King knew this was a dangerous mission, and thus only the most capable of adventurers could be chosen. He cast his glance over the throne room again, finding a few more candidates he had not noticed before. He decides to call up...

  1. Mitsurugi the Samurai.
  2. Cob the Halfwit Stableboy.
  3. Sir Vladimir Bloodshame, the most fearsome knight of the realm, who brought terror to all with his two-handed bastard sword, Kinslayer.
  4. Lots42
  5. Meteraxos, an insane wandering prophet who always went naked and liked to beat people with his staff.
  6. Borgatron Ultima-X, a demented combat bot.
  7. Leena, a brothel whore with a heart of gold.
  8. A gay crack-addict named Ron.
  9. A rappin' trash-talkin' gang-bangin' Shaolin Monk named Profilaktikos.
  10. The king sighs and looks through the crowd to find another nine candidates.

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