The Trial of a Fred Lord

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 5181

Suddenly, there was a flash of light, and Fred was no longer in the volcano. He was in a strange room with mettallic walls. Looking closer, Fred could see that it was a courtroom, and he was in the defendant's box. In the jury box was a bunch of fat men in 20th century police uniforms. Facing him were a fearsome man in a bronze mask and a beautiful, red-haired woman. In the judge's booth, Fred could see a knight wearing a name tag that says "Lots42."

"Where am I?" asked Fred. "What's going on here?"

"You," said Sir Lots42, "are being put on trial by the Story Police for being a boring and indecisive character. If you win, you will retain your life, but if you lose, you will be removed from the story. That man," he said, indicating the one in the bronze mask, "is the being called the Brazen Man. He will serve as your prosecutor. That woman is Princess Astra, who will serve as your defense attourney. She knows you, from your future. The evidence will be three adventures, viewed from the Time Viewer." He indicated a device that looked like a giant iMac (tm). "The prosecution will use one from your past, and one from your present, in which you will be sent to a location and forced to accomplish a task. The defense will use for evidence an adventure from your future. Now let the trial begin!"

Fred didn't feel very good about this. It was very strange. What did they mean, a boring and indecisive character? And he was quite scared of that prosecutor. Something was very...strange about him. And yet, he was quite glad that he would know that woman in his future.

  1. Fred sat back helplessly as the veiwer activated, and the trial began...
  2. Fred tried to make a break for it.
  3. Fred told them that since he knew Astra from the future, convicting him would created a time paradox.
  4. The Story Police put Time Warrior on trial for having so many Doctor Who references in his episodes.

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