Devoured by the Dragon

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 51178

To Fred's horror the sword does not seem to be penetrating the stomach of the dragon. Frantically he doubles his efforts, but is forced to drop the only weapon he has as a drop of acid hits his hand burning it. Struggling in the darkness he locates the weapon a little too late only to find it dissolving in a pool of stomach fluids, crumbling away before he can rescue it.

All hope seems to be gone, and Fred lays back trying to think of anything else he can do to escape this fate.

With all other options exhausted, and his strength failing, Fred slumps back, feeling a pool of liquid welling up around him accompanied by the loud groaning and gurgling sound of the dragon's innards. His skin begins to tingle more, and feels raw as a slow burning sensation spreads through his limbs...

Hours stretch as the burning sensation intensifies while the dragon oh so slowly digests him alive. He feels his skin peeling away as he is slowly dissolved. Cracked and in agony his body finally succumbs to the brutal digestive prison, as his body melts away.

His final thoughts are hoping that his companions fared better than him.....

  1. The dragon lets out a content belch as Fred dies.

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7/31/2005 2:04:46 PM

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