I Blew Up the United States

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 4649

Just as Lord Fred is close to falling asleep, he is startled awake by a vision. It is Princess Astra.

Lord Fred, wake up! There is a great danger!

Fred sits up on his makeshift bed. "What is the meaning of this? Belboz! If this is your idea of a joke, it'll cost you your head! Astra! I thought you were back in the capital!"

I am, Lord Fred. Belboz the necromancer is using his powers to send an illusion of me to find you. We needed to locate you immediately, Fred. The kingdom is in dire shape!

"Astra, what in the world could endanger the kingdom of Allaria? Nothing in this world!"

Fred, this is no ordinary danger. They're called the United States Military, and from what we've discerned, they're from an alternate world. They have weaponry and vehicles far more advanced than we do! Lord Fred, please hurry! Most of the kingdom has already been overrun! Let me show you!

The image of Princess Astra is replaced by multiple scenes of devastation as the U.S. military easily defeats Allarian warriors with their advanced firepower and technology. Tanks and convoys of trucks roll on the primitive Allarian trails. Scenes of carnage are broadcast where the U.S. strikes small Allarian villages with airstrikes and grounded artillery units. More scenes follow with the American soldiers, all dressed in very strange (to the eyes of Lord Fred) with guns leading their captives to temporary prison camps. Lord Fred is horrified to see all of this.

"Astra, are you there?" Fred asks. The images of American dominance disappear and he sees a vision of a frightened Princess Astra.

Yes, Fred, I am here. Please hurry back to Caemlyn! Our messengers have told us that the United States Military has taken just about all of Allaria, and we're the last place that they haven't been yet! Fred, do hurry! They've also conquered Hespan, Aqualaria and the Eastern Kingdoms! Oh lord, there are so many of them! Fred, please help!

And the vision of Astra suddenly disappears.

Lord Fred is stunned. That crazy man who he had ejected from this cave a little while ago who claimed to be Lord Fred from the future was right. This was the terrible tragedy that has befallen the kingdom: invincible warriors from another world with their far advanced weapons. And they must be infinitely powerful if they had already conquered Hespan, the Eastern Kingdoms and Aqualarium.

Fred stands. He is needed.

  1. Fred rushes to Caemlyn as fast as he can.
  2. But first, Fred attempts to locate his future self. This is going to need all of the help Lord Fred can get.
  3. Fred figures the hell with it, and he goes back to sleep.
  4. Fred instead slips out of Allaria unnoticed, taking refuge in Ryngaerd on the coast of Lake Tol Nostra.
  5. Fred grabs his sword and rushes out...only to encounter a large group of American soldiers. Two shots later, it's all over.

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