I Killed Your Daddy After Midnight

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 45278

In a fit of anger, Josh throws the communicator to the right...and somehow hits another Josh, who just happens to be standing in the same place that the original Josh had been before the failed beam out took place.

This new Josh staggers, then manages to shake out the cobwebs. "Be cool, Josh! What the hell was that all about?"
"Who are you?" asks the original Josh.
"Who am I? I'm Josh Burbank, for cryin' out loud. What kind of question is that?"
"You can't be Josh Burbank! I'm Josh Burbank! You may look, talk, and sound exactly like me, but you're not me!"
"I am so!"

Anyway, this rather pointless and/or surreal argument went on until...

  1. Scott told them both to pipe down.
  2. Punches start being thrown.
  3. A third Josh appears three feet to the right of this second Josh.
  4. Reality collapses.
  5. This storyline gets canned for being too silly.

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Ben McClellan

10/18/2004 10:58:30 PM

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