The Never Ending Quest - Episode 44112

All the incidents that have happened seemed to prove too much for the very fabric of reality which starts to unravel slowly strand by strand until nothing is left.

Slowly, but surely, something else appears. Something that appears to be more structured and orderly than what existed before. Perhaps that's a matter of opinion...

But what appears in its place?

  1. We return to the beginning of the Never Ending Quest.
  2. The defeat of the dragon of the Southern Caves heralded a calendar change. It is now 230 AD (After the Dragon).
  3. The Southern Caves, 1000 years before the scourge of the Dragon.
  4. A climate change causes the Calamari Desert to become more hospitable to life, but there are also less pleasant changes...
  5. The situation between Allaria and Hespan deteriorates into war. Our hero Lord Fred is in the thick of it.

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8/4/2004 1:36:02 PM

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