Weapon of Mass Transformation

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 40957

At the sight of Fred, the chained and now massively endowed Astra laughs even more, but her laughter has an edge of hysteria to it. The Dragon is laughing too. "Oh, those whacky elves!" he chortles. "They're such jokers. Who'd have thought that their mushrooms could affect you and Fred as well as Astra."

"I've got boobies," Fred says. It's hard to tell whether he's pleased or alarmed. In any case, you are much more interested in your own little - or not so little - problem.

"Undo this... please!" you beg the Dragon, hoping that he can. You unwisely shift your position a little as you sit on the hard rock floor. You wince, and decide that remaining absolutely motionless is the only safe thing to do.

"Yes, please!" Astra echoes your request.

  1. "Yes, I don't want to have boobies," Fred says. It seems that the three of you are unanimous.
  2. "No, leave things just the way they are," Fred says.
  3. The fabric of reality is unwoven

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4/5/2004 10:34:49 AM

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