A Ceremony is to be Arranged

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 43035

The Kitten decided that she did not need any human assistance. She was quite capable of ending Fred's life all by herself. She would leap on him and tear his throat out. But first, of course, she had somehow to travel to the Southern Isles, where her supernatural senses told her that Fred was to be found.

This proved not to be too difficult, for trading vessels plied between Merlas and Ierelas quite frequently. The Kitten boarded one such ship. The sailors were glad to see her, for a ship's cat would help keep the mouse and rat populations down, a good thing when the cargo largely consisted of various foodstuffs.

Meanwhile, in Ierelas, Fred and Astra had set aside their weapons and armour, and were now garbed in the local fashion. Astra was wearing a garment similar to a sarong, made of silk dyed blue and green, and matching slippers. Fred had on a knee-length kilt coloured bright red, a yellow short-sleeved shirt and sandals. As well as the wreaths round their necks, they had further flowers in their hair.

"If we are to rule together as King and Queen," Fred said, "then I suppose that we ought to get married."

"Why Fred, is that a proposal?" Astra asked.

"Er, I suppose that it is," Fred said, looking slightly embarrassed.

"Then I gladly accept. Let us find Balbaros and ask him to arrange a combined wedding and coronation ceremony for us."

  1. As luck would have it, the cermony was arranged for the very day that the ship carrying the Kitten would dock at Ierelas.

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