The Never Ending Quest - Episode 42958

The vine was elastic, durable, and Fred tugged upon it with all his might. He began to edge upward, out of the bog, and into the air.

Amy looked on in disbelief. How did this buffoon save himself, time after time, from dangerous, impossible situations, with such a lack of effort?

She would have done better to watch behind her, though. The vine was tough and held together soundly, but the tree, tall, heavy, and poorly- rooted, began to sway. As Fred pulled his legs above the bog water, the tree crashed to the ground, squashing Amy beneath it. She never knew what hit her.

  1. "Amy? Amy? Where HAVE you gone?" asked Fred aloud. Unable to spot her, he began hacking his way into the dense jungle underbrush.

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6/18/2004 7:55:46 AM

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