'No' Means No

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 3824

She wouldn't call herself an evil harpy or anything, figuratively or otherwise, but Anna had not lived this long by trusting suspiciously cutesy faeries. Then again, maybe the fairy meant no harm. Either way, it was none of her business and politely shaking her head, Anna said a firm "no" and made to move around Audrey. In a lightning quick move, the little faerie shifted quickly enough to be directly in front of Anna's path once more. Face straining, the cutesy Audrey repeated her request for help. Eyebrow raising, Anna repeated "no", and when she tried to bypass the creature once more, the faerie threw her head back to the sky and let out an ear-plitting wail that echoed shrilly back to them. For a moment there was a pregnant silence, and Anna tensed her lithe body in anticipation of what may come...

  1. A horde of Audrey's faerie friends descend upon them
  2. The ground splits open beneath Audrey

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The Sun Goddess

10/5/1999 2:17:05 PM

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