Trying to Do Away with Josh

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 36330

Scott rubs his hands in fiendish glee. Now a chance to have the Staircase Room all to himself!

He picks up the sleeping Josh with difficulty and staggers over to the open window. Panting with the exertion, Scott finally manages to shove Josh out of the window. He walks away, throughly satisfied with himself.

There was a flaw to his plan. The void decides it doesn't want Josh and throws him back through the window. He collides with Scott and they end up in a tangled heap.

Josh, amazingly enough, was still asleep. Scott had been knocked cold when his head hit the floor. The void barricades the window so it can never be opened again. When Scott eventually comes to...

  1. Josh was still asleep.
  2. He found himself dangling from a bannister by a shoelace.
  3. Everything was bright pink.
  4. He somehow found himself on the ceiling.
  5. Josh was attempting to build a house of cards.
  6. He was in another featureless void. They rotated frequently.
  7. He was beside Route 66.
  8. He and Josh had swapped bodies.
  9. Josh was shouting incoherently about a six-foot rabbit called Harvey. Which only he could see.
  10. He was confronted by a hologram of an old guy who called himself Al.

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11/23/2003 3:28:20 AM

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