The Contest

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 34692

Ordinarily it would have been a total mismatch. But Astra was so drunk that she could barely stand up, whereas Lil was comparatively sober. (Having spent most of her life at the inn, she knew all about the dangers of Hespanish navy rum.)

Father O'Flaherty, who could hold his liquor far better than most, lost no time in opening a book on the outcome. Whilst most of the punters saw Astra as the hot favourite (in more senses than one), he shrewdly recognised that her inebriation would mean that Lil would have close to an even chance. So whilst his odds on Astra winning might have seemed generous, and had plenty of willing takers, in reality they were anything but.

At the end of Round 1:

  1. Astra suceeded in pinning Lil for the three seconds required to win the bout.
  2. Astra passed out. She awoke next morning in her bed [26467] with no memory of how she had got there and a terrible hangover.
  3. Astra passed out. She awoke next morning feeling fine.
  4. It was agreed by all the onlookers that the puddle needed more mud.

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10/15/2003 1:06:32 PM

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