Josh Lazes About, Scott Attempts To Leave

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 33559

Josh decides that it would be much more interesting to go into his room and read Excalibur issues. He'd read the storyline where the British version of the Hellfire club implements a dastardly plan. Oooh, spooky.
Scott decides to get out through the mystery door that had closed up with no sign it ever existed.
Scott ...

  1. bangs on the wall with his fists.
  2. bangs on the wall with a hammer stolen from Wal-Mart.
  3. bangs on the wall with a dead trout.
  4. bangs on the drums all day.
  5. lugs out the jackhammer called 'Stinky' from the hall closet.
  6. tries some magic spells he learned from his father, Rupert Giles.
  7. decides to consult the manager of the Staircase Room McDonalds for any advice.
  8. goes quietly insane.
  9. calls up Sir Toby and insists on a solution. Toby, however, is half asleep.
  10. makes an appointment to have his shriveled sixth toe amputated.

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9/27/2003 12:40:24 PM

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