The Ceiling is Bendin'

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 32888

A mysterious door opens in the wall, one that Scott and Josh had never suspected existed. Clouds of smoke emerge, followed by a shadowy figure emerging from the void. Lord Fred announces his presense, then strides with a purpose towards Jerry Seinfeld's prone body on the teal sofa.

"Hey, what are you..." Josh starts to ask.

Lord Fred easily picks up Seinfeld and heaves him over his shoulder. Without another word, Fred carries Seinfeld back towards the new door and leaves. The wall closes back up. Josh is grasping for straws. Scott finally gets up and examines the wall where Lord Fred's entrance opened up. "Hey, we could find some tools and open this up, Josh!", Scott exclaims. "Then we could possibly find our way out of this place!"

  1. Forgetting about Seinfeld, Josh agrees.
  2. Josh refuses to destroy the wall. Scott goes ahead without him.
  3. The wall opens back up, and Scott is snatched by mysterious forces.
  4. Tyrone F. Horneigh enters the room.

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Ben McClellan

9/27/2003 12:32:49 PM

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