The King meets St. Peter

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 31479

After the King explores the white mist, he soon comes to the Pearly Gates, where a man with a pair of wings is wearing a white robe. He has a halo of light above his head and he holds a huge book.
"Greetings, your Highness." says the angel who could be none other than St. Peter. "You had quite an unfortunate death."

"Yes, I did indeed." says the King. "I was unable to finish Lord Fred's task. Speaking of which, would you mind summoning him here?"

After a few minutes, Fred appeared. He had grown quite a bit of facial hair, had his feet chained together, and was wearing nothing but rags. The King shoved him off the cloud they were standing on.

"I'm the only one who can slay the Dragon am I? You got me killed, you bastard!" St. Peter stared at him in shock.

"I ought to sent you striaght to hell for that. But, seeing as it was your first sin, I'll let it slide. No! You're not getting in here! Return to your kingdom! I'll let you live."

And with that, the King returned to ruling his kingdom.

Lord Fred on the other hand. . .

  1. Cracked his neck upon hitting the Earth
  2. Had to restart his quest

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