Tribes Of the King

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 3078

After wandering teh sandy beach and the land surrounding the caves with Astra, the voluptouous warrior behind him, they see a fire. Upon geting closer, Fred sees that the tribe they have stumnled upon are quite friendly and have helped the people of the King many times before. "Please, I found this woman on the beach passed out." "Uhh huh, sure you did", one of teh tribe members look her up and down, laughing. "I am leaving her here to be treated. I am Lord Fred, Of King Truen in the North and I am on a quest to kill a dragon." "Well," the tribsman hesitated, sweeping his eyes over her body again, "We can take care of her". Fred looked at teh Tribesman and wondered why he kept looking at Astra that way. Should he leave a princess in the care of these savages?

  1. Leave Astra.
  2. Leave Astra but decide to return later.
  3. Stay with the tribe untill the next day
  4. Take the princess with you, these guys are perverts. Besides, you want her to yourself.
  5. Decide that the stress of making so many decisions is getting to you and start rolling around on the ground and barking.

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7/3/2002 11:37:14 PM

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