She's your lover?!?!?

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 20070

She wakes up and looks at you admiringly. You ask her, "Are you okay?" Astra says, "Yes, I am. Now that I'm in your arms." You blush at this remark, "What are you saying? We just met." "You may have just met me but I have known you for a long time." "What?" "I come from a different dimension where you have died and I couldn't live without you so I came here." "Wait so what are you to me?", said Fred. "I am your girlfriend. You ravage my body every night with promises to marry me". Fred thinks to himself, "Damn this is a lot to process, what should I do?"

  1. Tell her that you're not ready for this and run away.
  2. Kill her because you are going insane.
  3. Take responsibility and marry her?

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