The Never Ending Quest - Episode 3057

"What must I do?" Frederigo asked, regarding the strange woman who addressed him.

We are going to...create a "presence" within you.

We are going to give you power. Power to perform your task.

The woman reached out a hand, and Lord Frederigo D'Honaire was knocked onto his back on the floor. A sound like a thousand people screaming in agony blared in his head, and he felt the flames again, this time in his very veins.

The pain stopped, and he righted himself. Upon his hand, he noticed a mark, a sigil branded into the flesh like the one the woman bore on her head.

You shall be known to us as Thoabath, which means "Oathbreaker"...

What we require of you now, Thoabath, is that you betray those who would have aided you in your quest.

We require that you betray Astra of Aquilaria and Lady Andrea Croix...

  1. Frederigo is dispatched to his mission.
  2. Frederigo finds the will to fight the urgings of this strange woman.
  3. Frederigo is dispatched to his mission, and finds himself in a desert...

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