The Path of Barabbus

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 3056

Then, a sudden respite from the flames was felt by Lord Frederigo. He was somewhere else, and by the third stone of Dunkirk, he felt whole. Slowly, he opened his eyes, relishing the feeling.

Looking at the room about him, he saw it was built of carved obsidian, intricate and dark. The carvings took the form of angels and demons, though it was not certain which was which in some of the places. At various places, symbols, both sublime and blasphemous, adorned the walls.

Standing before him was a cloaked figure, its robes adorned with symbols much like those he saw on the walls. Slowly, it glided towards him, stopping about a yard from where he kneeled.

It drew back its cowl, and he saw it bore a woman's face. Her head was shaven, and a symbol that was an insult to the heavens was branded into her forehead. Frederigo felt his stomach churn momentarily as he noticed her mouth, which was stitched shut with a leather thong.

The glyph on the woman's forehead pulsed, and Frederigo heard a voice in his head. Several voices, actually, speaking in unison.

Does it please you to feel the suffering cease?

Frederigo was not sure how to respond.

"Ye...Y...Yes. It does."

What if we told you we could make the suffering go away forever

"That...That would be wonderful..."

Would you do...anything, to make the suffering cease?


Excellent. Then, Frederigo, what we require of you is a task...

  1. Frederigo accepts the task the strange woman offers him. Anything for freedom.
  2. Frederigo shakes his head, wondering what he was thinking, and comes to his senses.
  3. Frederigo suddenly notices that another player has taken the field...

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