The Never Ending Quest - Episode 29131

The woman launched herself out of the chest and grinned at Fred. "Who are you oh, handsome one who saved me from the chest?"

"Lord Fred, at your service, oh beautiful one!" Fred bowed.

"Actually, my name is Arabella Delilah China!" the woman said. "I was locked in here by the Evil Sheep, and it was prophesized that whoever rescued me should be the one to take my virginity!"

"Oh, goodie! But what would happen if you were rescued by a woman?"

"The chest would not open to a woman, only to a man as handsome as yourself!"

The dragon roared, reminding them of its existance. Now Fred faced a dilemma. Should he:

  1. Ignore the dragon and get on with Arabella's prophecy in a handy cave nearby
  2. Slay the dragon and wow Arabella with his dragon slaying skills
  3. Grab Arabella and find a way out
  4. Slap Arabella for being a suggestive whore

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10/15/2003 3:44:50 AM

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