Up The Stairs, Fleeing Seinfeld

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 27996

Josh flees Seinfeld by running up the stairs.

  1. He comes to the Dragon's lair.
  2. Seinfeld follows him.
  3. Josh slips and rolls down the stairs.
  4. He meets Lord Reaibn, Dan Fogelbert and Green Arrow. GA is drunk.
  5. He meets Lots42, who is singing about bacon.
  6. He signs up for a LiveJournal at an internet terminal embedded into the wall.
  7. He meets the cast of 'While You Were Out' and exacts painful revenge on them.
  8. He finds another Staircase Room with another Scott.
  9. He finds the secret of the universe. It could be comprhended once and forever but then not put into words or coherent thoughts or writing.
  10. He meets Batman, Superman, Robin, Starfire, Nightwing and RockPaperScissors Man. Lantern is telling everyone he is gay. No one cares.

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9/21/2003 6:24:34 PM

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