Stun Baton

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 2632

Sir Josh picks up the K-Mart Brand Stun-Baton sitting by his desk (on a pile of '...Dummies' books) and smacks Lots42 across the face with it.
Lots42 stumbles back into the program, groggy and incoherent. (The baton had been set on 'Light').
The reaction of the Voyager crew is instaneous. Janeway cuts communications. Paris and Chakotay pull phasers, while Tuvok drops Lots42 with a Vulcan Nerve pinch. He is dragged off the bridge and tossed into a brig. Filthy Pete's ship is re-hailed.
"Captain Pete." Janeway says, as if nothing had happened. "We regret to inform you we cannot help you with your quest. We shall be leaving now as we have places to go. Janeway out."
She ordered Paris to set a course to the Alpha Quadrant, then she went to her ready room.

  1. Josh/Kim stayed at his post, continuing his duties.
  2. Josh/Kim visited the 'intruder'.
  3. Sir Toby appeared and challenged Josh to a light saber duel. Why? Because Josh was taking up too much system resources with his 'Voyager' game.
  4. Sir Josh yanked the Voyager CD out of his computer and flung it out a window. Unbeknowst to him, it decapitated a squirrel.
  5. The dreaded Y2k bug mixes up CD's so now Lord Fred, a speaking dog and a naked princess are wandering the corridors of Voyager, looking to slay the dragon Chakotay.
  6. Sir Josh clicks <CTRL F>ill Ready Room With Poison Gas.

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