Sir Josh decides to delete option 5.

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 2627

Sir Josh deletes option #5: The Story Cop returns and smacks Josh/Kim with a stun baton.

And Lots42 mysteriously appears on the screen overlaying the Voyager Program. "What's the bright idea of deleting option number five, Josh?"

Sir Josh says "Well, Lots42, you gave me a choice of five items (well it was five at the time I wrote this choice) to delete, and so I decided to delete whatever option five happened to be. Beside, didn't I delete the Story Cop a few minutes ago?"

Lots42 says "But you aren't suppopsed to delete the option, you are supposed to be smacked by a stun baton."

  1. Sir Josh smacks Lots42 with a stun baton.
  2. Lots42 smacks Sir Josh with the stun batons.
  3. Sir Josh deletes Lots42.

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Sir Josh

7/7/1999 3:45:19 PM

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