The Never Ending Quest - Episode 26271

At first, Lord Fred felt euphoric as he leaped into the pillar and reached for the naked woman. Then, however, he felt the light suck him into the pillar. He felt as if he were floating in water and yet trapped behind a brick wall. The light began to solidify around him and felt almost sticky. Oh great, he thought as he felt his awareness begin to slip away.. That was the oldest trap in the book, and I fell for it. I really should have had some more coffee...

  1. However, Fred is freed from the pillar when Belboz dispels it with his magic.
  2. The light drains Fred's life essence away, killing him.
  3. He is not freed until centuries later, when the Dragon has died and his technology ceased to function.

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Knight Random

4/21/2003 4:19:55 PM

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