Back To The Store Yet Again

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 2603

Sir Josh sighed in frustration. This game sucked too! One more trip back to the computer store...

Sir Josh stepped out of the vehicle and into the parking lot of the store. There was an odd humming echoing over the lot. A dark cloud, sort of low, hung over the store, blocking out the stars in this otherwise cloudless night. Then a hiss-clunk and a sun blazed!
Sir Josh looked up, confused. He found himself staring at a gray metal surface, hovering above the parking lot. A deep thrumming made the car windshield's vibrate and Sir Josh's vital organs dance. Kicked-up wind ruffled his hair and scattered trash in random directions. Somewhere far off cars were roaring and screeching and crashing.
The plating streched from one end to the others. It was symetrical, with rows of lights and machinery and unidentifiable items...wait a minute. Sir Josh was looking at the underside of the USS Voyager!
A crowd had gathered to stare up at the strange thing hovering above.

"This isn't right." Sir Josh said to himself. "Voyager isn't real." Something clicked, echoing over the lot. "Sir Josh!" echoed a bass-filled voice. "You will quit buying new CD-ROMS! You will go out and make new friends! You will meet new people! Text-adventures are not the be-all and end-all of society!"

  1. Sir Josh agrees and makes some new friends.
  2. Sir Josh ignores the ship and goes inside to buy more text-adventure games.
  3. Godzilla makes a flying leap onto Voyager's hull, damaging it.
  4. Voyager's thrusters give out and it slams into the parking lot and the store.

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