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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 2352

"Open a com signal" says Captain Janeway. "This is Captain Janeway of the Federation ship, the U.S.S. Voyager. How may I help you?"

On the screen, you see a pirate holding a real sword, and displaying various pirate features such as an eye-patch and a peg leg. Next to him, you see a nun dressed in a brown habit. Behind the nun, is the all familiar Extend-A-Story cop holding a phaser. You recognize the captain as the Legendary Filthy Pete and the nun as Sister Nicodemus, one of the female captives.

"ello, Me's name iz Filthy Pete. Ye got me first mate Joshua. And he'd be playing over in Gav and Peloso keeping that nun of his under control. Me first mate no belong in Extend-A-Story.

Filthy Pete is shoved aside by Extend-A-Story cop. Filthy Pete loses his balance and falls. Filthy Pete says "How dare ye push me?"

The cop ignores the peg-legged character and says "Captain Janeway - ignore the pirate, but the Voyager does not belong on Extend-A-Story and we must instruct Sir Josh to shut down the Voyager CD-Rom, return it to the store and repurchase the Extend-A-Story CD-Rom and resume the quest to vanquish the dragon."

Captain Janeway signals that the intercom should be muted and asks "Does anyone know what these two people are talking about?"

Well, the only person who knows is Ensign Harry Kim being played by Sir Josh. What does Sir Josh do?

  1. Sir Josh shuts down Voyager and heads back to the CD-Rom store.
  2. Ensign Harry Kim starts to explain the whole thing.
  3. Ensign Harry Kim punches a couple of keys on his console and the Voyager fires at the ship containing Filthy Pete and the story cop.
  4. Sir Josh clicks on "Delete object" pull-down choice.
  5. Ensign Harry Kim doesn't say anything and watches the action.

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